Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Home made wedding

About 3 months ago my DS and his beloved announced that they were getting married in a simple wedding in the park. It was to be a picnic  and with no fuss!!!! Famous last words . Initially the dress was going to be bought but nothing could be found so I started making the dress. Catering was going to be "bring a plate" but somehow that became too hard . Then the wedding guest list kept expanding and then there was the possibility of bad weather  too hot too windy or pouring with rain. It all got to be quite a business and it was also a lot  of fun which was achieved with a lot of love and everyone contributing their are some pics of the day                                                                                                                                                          
Grandma makes the bouquet
They are ready to leave to get ready
I made the dress out silk and Chantilly lace 
The Happy Couple Arrive 
Dear Friends help in the kitchen for 2 days before hand and then come and serve up . The bride makes 40 meters of bunting
The dead is done by a lovely Scotsman.
It was a wonderful day and made even more special by everyone's input.A picnic in the park it was but not a simple one !!!