Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Zippy Jacket

I bought this fabric  from Emma One Sock a few years ago . It is a medium weight denim with a little cross way stretch . It has an allover embroidered pattern of flowers a leaves. I felt that there was a risk of it looking a bit fussy and pretty for my taste and look so I decided it needed zippers and so I used some Burda pics and another denim jacket by MEL which  I bought years ago to inspire my design. I have a large bust and always feel annoyed by the tent like effect which can be the result of doing an FBA without doing some shaping below the bust . This was particularly true of using denim which even after washing was a bit stiff . This might have been because of the embroidery?
To deal with this I decided to use my bodice blocks to make a princess line jacket and to get some shaping in via the princess seam. I did this and then found I wanted still more shape so added in the vertical tucks which run into the waistband and release under the bust.
The back has a yoke and a centre back seam. The sleeve is a normal jacket sleeve with a zippered vent and a fold back cuff which has a flare in it. I decided that the front needed some more red so added a strip of cotton braid to the welt pockets.
I will wear this with Black cotton pants and a red cotton shirt which in the pipeline. I always find it difficult to layer garments . How layered necklines and hemlines go together is an issue I often ponder on.
Its easy to do it OK but hard to do it really well I think Any secrets I should know about out there??


bg-booms said...

I like this jacket so much! Very nice!!!
I'll read your blog :)

jorth said...

That jacket looks great!