Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red tunic to go under Zippy Jacket.

After much pondering on layers under Zippy Jacket I decided that I needed something with a fitted sleeve ( I never show my arms )_ and that was about 1/3 longer than the jacket and had a shaped hemline. I found New Look 6010 and thought that I could alterit to suit. The pattern was a good fit and dint need any changes to the bust or length ( unusual for me) .I altered the pattern by ignoring the collar and scooping out the neck to compliment that of the jacket. I decided to go with a self trim on the bib of this blouse using gathered strips cut on the cross in three gathered ruffles either side of the centre front.The bias cut means that the edges will not need to be finished and I get the soft romantic look that I wanted on this cotton tunic. I used very understated buttons as I didn't want the buttons fighting with the zip on the jacket.

The pattern was well cut except that there seems to be problem with the front shoulder having to be eased into the back shoulder . This isn't mentioned in the instructions and after carefully looking to see if I had made a mistake I couldn't really see what had gone wrong to make this necessary. It worked out fine but I cant see why ease in the front would be necessary as it is usually in the back shoulder to accommodate the shoulder blade . Next I want to make some T shirts to wear with this jacket .
It is very hot here in Melbourne and we are anxiously watch cyclone Jaci which is actually bigger than Katrina and is heading for the Queensland coast . Our thoughts are very much with poor Queensland as they face this new catastrophe.


bg-booms said...

Your tunic looks very comfy and so multifunctional! It suits to jeans, pants, skirts!
Very useful things!

A Russian TV doesn't tell about new cyclone... It's so terrible!

Tany said...

Lovely detail with the bias strips, it adds so much to the finished garment!

Thank you for your kind words and meaningful comment, it touched me deeply :)

Kathy said...

I like your outfit. I found your blog when I did a search for problems with the new look pattern 6010. I'm wondering - is it this pattern that you mentioned having to ease the front to the back? IF so, I am having the same problem with the pieces not lining up. Unfortunately, I didn't really notice until after I stitched the shoulder seams. I called the company but I had to leave a message. I'm not too optimistic that they will return my call.