Monday, February 28, 2011

Glamour Puss Dress 3

Well glamour puss is developing . I have made the corset which needs to be fitted to T agin just to make sure it fits perfectly.
This dress has 4 layers in the bodice , an inside lining which sits aginst the body , the foundation or corset and then the silk outer layer and lastly the beading which will be mounted on the silk.
The lining includes a mid riff section while the  boned foundation doesnt but does extend all the way to the waist. In the pattern the outer layer is made up of a pleated bodice and a contrasting midriff . I am making it without the pleated outer and replacing this with the beading. I have decided to use the lining pattern as both lining and outer layer and then to mount the beaded lace on the bias  onto the outer shell . Doing this will, I think ,mean that I dont have to cut the lace up except at the side seams.Bill has told me to make the lace side seams very wide (at least2 ") and the to use a hammer to shatter the beads and crystals in the seam allownce so that I can sew through it !!!!! This means that I dont run the risk of the beading thread unravelling on the back of the lace  as it might if I unpicked the beading I would never have thought of attacking this beautiful fabric with a hammer !!
Here she is with tulip skirt attached and the outer shell layer ( really the lining pattern) . Now I have to catch T and try it on her to deal with her sway back and scoliosis . I hope that we dont have change too much of it.

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bg-booms said...

I think your dress will be very feminine. You are doing a great project!