Monday, February 28, 2011

Glamour puss and T shirts .

Well the the sewing has been happening in Brunswick and I have produced a stripey T shirt  from a poly cotten I purchsed at The Fabric Store when they first opened . I used my cutomized pattern but did a different neckline as I didnt like the join in the binding which I got when sewing the shoulder and binding as one .This method used a crossing over of the neck binding which was cut on the cross.I think I quite like the V sitting inside a round neckand will use it again. I decided to trim the neck with some little buttons a friend had given me .Over all Iam quite happy with this T shirt . I must do battle with my cover stitch machine however and try to work out how to use it to the full

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bg-booms said...

I don't like stripes, but your t-shirt is so cute! And buttoms beautify it so much!