Monday, February 28, 2011

Glamour Puss Dress 2

The above pic shows the bodice after I fitted it to T and found that she is short waisted and also has a mild scoliosis .I had to remove about 1 3/4 inches out of the  bodice length and alter the centre back seam in order to keep it in the centre back and accomodate her scoliosis.
After making the adjustment to the pattern pieces and truing up the sides of each piece I made another corset . The muslin was backed with Shapewell interfacing which was sewn into each seam and then trimmed back to reduce bulk each seam .
My teacher Bill, uses ridgeline as apposed to boning in pockets . Since I am his student for the next few weeks I will do it his way .He wraps the end of each of the ridgeline piece in mulin to stop any discomfort  before sewing it onto each side of the open seam allowance with Zig Zag stitch and a strong jeans machine needle.

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